Low-cost Conversation Class with Jiajia (1-on-1) (30 mins) / 与佳佳的线上1对1超划算口语课 (30分钟)

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*We have not forgotten you, my dear funding plan members. All funding plan members shall be able to see a 5% discount here. If you don’t see the discount, please contact us!

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I know that you really want to achieve Chinese fluency as soon as possible. I know sometimes it’s not easy to find a nice teacher.

Because of that, in 2024, “Speak Chinese Naturally” decided to open an online 1-on-1 Conversation course so that you could practice Chinese in a relaxed, fun, and safe place.

Jiajia will talk to you via Skype or Zoom.


*Prices are in US dollars. 


$ 192.00
$ 102.00
$ 60.00
$ 12.99

与佳佳的线上1对1超划算口语课 (30分钟)



🎓 形式:1对1纯对话,无课本,无上课材料,只练习口语及给予反馈。你将通过 Skype/Zoom与佳佳单独进行视频通话。



Low-cost Conversation Class with Jiajia (1-on-1) (30 mins)



🎓 This is a 1-on-1 private conversion class with Jiajia via Skype/Zoom (No textbooks, no class materials, just conversation and feedback.).

🎤Important: After purchasing, kindly book an appointment at: https://speakchinesenaturally.com/book-a-time/



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