About us


Our mission / 我们的目标

Hi, My name is Jiajia. As a native Chinese speaker, a language lover, a qualified language teacher, I understand that to achieve native fluency in a foreign language is not that easy, due to lacking of time,  lacking of opportunities to practice, wrong learning method,etc., but it is not impossible!

I am here to help you to use the most efficient and powerful way to achieve your speaking fluency in Chinese. The way that will help you to speak Chinese naturally without any fear, insecurity or doubt, no matter where do you live or how busy you are. You don’t need to memorize grammar or vocabularies like in the traditional way, all you need is to LISTEN and SPEAK like how you learnt your mother tongue. 

Start today, together with me, and let your dream come true!




Suitable for intermediate high and advanced Chinese learners/适用于中高级、高级及以上的中文学习者

Full Chinese and Diverse content/全中文、多元化主题

Suitable for all level Chinese learners/适用于所有级别的中文学习者

Chinese with Pinyin, Vocabulary with English, Graded reader/中文加拼音文本、中英对照词汇表​、分级材料