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Thank you very much for your lovely words!/感谢大家的推荐与好评!

I’m sure it will also be apparent to other serious learners of Mandarin that there is a massive oversupply of listening content at the ultra-beginner and near-native speaker levels, and an absolute dearth of options for those of us in the pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate range. To me this podcast is the gold standard when it comes to meeting our needs - clear, well-pitched, appropriately challenging and best of all it has intelligent perspectives that are interesting in their own right and not only as fodder for language learning. Really impressed!
kcjamesaux via Apple Podcasts · New Zealand · 06/26/20
스포티파이에서 우연히 발견 했는데 아이튠즈에서도 가능했네용! 좋아요 ! 스크립트도 있고 짱짱좋음 💕
승1010 via Apple Podcasts · South Korea · 07/20/20
你好!我是韩国人 我偶然找到您的 podcast 真的挺好的 有意思 声音也好听 谢谢你啦
hohiminh82 via Apple Podcasts · South Korea · 07/27/20
I really love this podcast. I am an American born Chinese guy who grew up speaking some basic mandarin at home but needed to improve my vocabulary to have conversations as an adult in the working world. There are very few Mandarin podcasts that are geared towards intermediate Mandarin learners looking to improve to native speaker level. Most podcasts are way too basic and assume you have zero mandarin background. Jiajia, the podcast creator is a teacher by training and it shows in the way she organizes and designs each episode. She manages to throw in complex sentence structures and advanced vocabulary, idioms in a very natural way, the way a native speaker actually uses these phrases. In addition, she does an excellent job writing each episode’s companion transcription which includes more detailed descriptions of the most challenging/idiomatic phrases. Finally, her Mandarin pronunciation is perfect and the cadence at which she speaks is extremely natural but at a much more understandable pace than listening to say, Chinese news or talk shows. I have been amazed at how much my listening and reading/writing skills have improved during the 4-5 months I’ve been listening to this podcast. Thanks Jiajia for doing a great job; keep up the great work!
MandarinGirlDad via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/28/20
I just found out abt this podcast and im gonna tell all my friends about it!! please keep making episodes, they’re so helpful!!
sawsansaleem via Apple Podcasts · Saudi Arabia · 08/31/20
For intermediate, effective and nice to listen every month! Not so long but very interesting topics!
Frankiechit via Apple Podcasts · Italy · 08/08/20
Brilliant podcast with interesting topics, and excellent accompanying transcripts that are extremely beneficial for improving your Mandarin listening and reading skills. This podcast is probably best aimed at HSK5+ level learners who already have solid fundamentals and vocabulary (maybe 2500+ words). Lots of work goes into them preparation for each episode, and it shows. The speaking pace is natural and clear making it easy to focus on learning. The length of each episode is perfect for studying a useful amount of material without being overwhelming. Highly recommended. Thanks for creating such a useful resource!
Mikan Bouya via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/09/21
I love this podcast! I am about an advanced low ACTFL level in my Mandarin and have been trying to enhance my vocabulary and 听力 by watching CCTV. While interesting to watch, that approach has got me nowhere because I only understand about 20-30% of what is going on. I really enjoy this podcast because it’s at a really good “bridge” level. I get most of what is going on so I don’t get frustrated and quit and I still get exposed to new stuff. It is great listening practice. Thanks for making such a high quality program! 多谢
locinmit via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/10/21
Just having discovered this podcast, I’ve found it to bridge the gap between basic Mandarin lessons, directed at non-native speakers, and Chinese radio shows, which is far too advanced. I have spent a few years growing up in China and over time, with education and working in English-speaking country, my mandarin has declined. I can no longer communicate fluently. This podcast is interesting and engaging. And hopefully is a fun way to improve my mandarin. Highly recommended!
Chococat123 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 05/14/20
Un gran recurso para los estudiantes de mandarín.
clarkjohnson1979 via Apple Podcasts · Argentina · 04/09/20
I am so happy to have found this podcast and hope that it grows quickly! 加油
murcielagos99 from Germany on October 15, 2019
I have proficient Chinese speaking abilities (native English speaker here with Chinese heritage) and I’m so glad I stumbled upon this podcast! I’m learning about idioms, stories important to the culture, practical living, etc. and I’ve downloaded many of the episodes so that I can listen to them over and over again to learn more Chinese.
Primisole from United States of America on July 15, 2019
Really great if you are an intermediate or advanced learner! The transcripts on the website are very helpful!
Jjboiiiiii from United States of America on June 23, 2019
Podcasts are totally in Mandarin and covers a variety of topics from Chinese culture to useful study tips. Podcasts are typically 10 minutes and there are weekly uploads. The quality of the podcast is outstanding and includes a transcript with Chinese characters and pinyin. The host (Wu Jia Jia) is a great teacher and has a lot of real life experience with both teaching and languages. Very recommended for learner of Mandarin, definitely not something you want to miss!
Henrik Fon | 王磊 from Norway on June 23, 2019
Best Mandarin lesson on Podcast
123_T from Hong Kong on June 22, 2019
Great resource when you are on the go.
Jeff Duong recommends 自然而然说中文 Speak Chinese Naturally. December 8, 2019 at 2:03 AM
It's really great resource for learning mandarin. I enjoy very much listen to the podcast. It's different from the others, for on every episode they will be different topic to discuss. Sometimes they will share a story behind a proverb, sometimes practical tips living in china, sometimes stories about cities in china, sometimes about festive season in china. It's a hundred percent fully spoken in mandarin. Hence for intermediate learner, who longing for native speaking environment, this program benefits the most for you! Thank you to the program host who continuously prepare this program sincerely. ☺️
Evimonita Tan recommends 自然而然说中文 Speak Chinese Naturally. October 23, 2019
Exceptionally helpful program to help for Intermediate speakers! I like to listen to this while doing chores or work and I can very relaxedly practice my listening comprehension
Eileen Roco recommends 自然而然说中文 Speak Chinese Naturally. November 19, 2019
a great ressource for intermediate learners
Adrian Sto recommends 自然而然说中文 Speak Chinese Naturally. October 14, 2019
Malee Ngamapichart recommends 自然而然说中文 Speak Chinese Naturally. October 23, 2019
Đôn Thanh Trúc recommends 自然而然说中文 Speak Chinese Naturally. August 14, 2019
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