Trial Class with Jiajia (1-on-1) (25mins) / 与佳佳的1对1试听课 (25分钟)

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I know that you really want to achieve Chinese fluency as soon as possible. I know sometimes it’s not easy to find a nice teacher.

Because of that, in 2024, “Speak Chinese Naturally” decided to open an online 1-on-1 course so that you could practice Chinese in a relaxed, fun, and safe place.

Jiajia will accompany you in your Chinese learning in 2024 via Skype, where you can practice your pronunciation, spoken Chinese, etc. based on your Chinese level and requirements.

Seats are limited. See you on Skype🥰

与佳佳的1对1试听课 (25分钟)


  • 普通话一级乙等的专业语言教师
  • 适合于各个中文级别
  • 根据你的需求,量身定制
  • 适合工作、学业忙碌人士,你可以根据你的行程表来自由选择上课时间
  • 氛围轻松、友好、有趣


  • 练习口语
  • 提高听、说能力
  • 完善发音
  • 提高词汇量
  • 获取针对你个人的学习建议
  • 等等



形式:1对1的个人课程,你将通过 Skype/Zoom与佳佳单独进行视频通话。








Trial Class with Jiajia (1-on-1) (25mins)

💪Course Features:

  • Professional language teacher with Class A mandarin pronunciation certificate
  • For all Chinese levels
  • Courses will be designed based on your personal needs
  • Adapt Chinese learning to your busy life. You can choose the class time that is most convenient for you.
  • 0 stress and fun

🗣️Through online courses, you can:

  • Practice your spoken Chinese
  • Improve your Chinese listening and speaking skills
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Get personalized study advice
  • and more…


1. The trial class lasts 25 minutes.

2. This is a 1-on-1 personal course with Jiajia via Skype/Zoom.

3. The class content will be tailored according to your personal needs.


🎤Important: After purchasing, kindly book an appointment at:

Please make a reservation in the category of “45-minute class”, but please notice that the actual trial class is 25 minutes.

Each person can only use the trial course once.

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